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I’m always getting razzed at work for the weird food I eat.  My breakfast is the thing that no North American I have met can countenance. I admit, I don’t really like N. A. breakfast food. Eggs and bacon fried potatoes and sausage? Why not add a pizza, beer and some hookers? Porridge? It’s GREY. Muffins? You mean cake? First thing? Before the party? Nah.

In the old days I’d show up at work early in the morning eating tuna sandwiches and salad. The tuna endeared me to all who had to share our tiny booth. It was my morning perfume. Eau de Kit.  I only ate it because it’s very hard to find chicken soup at 8 am. That. Is breakfast.

That said, if I have a day off, this is how I eat early in the a.m. (spring)

@ 5:30, I forage. I eat wild dandelions, yes I do. I bite their heads off. I prowl the land. Some leaves—you can see how they punch at the sky. They are hogwild with vitality! I put em in a pan with rocks of salt and cookem--  If I make it all the way home with them. Breakfast of champeens round mine is dandie greens and vicious fishes. And a slug of bloody kvass. Here’s one of my


Dandies, flash fried with celtic sea salt. Or raw and let to wilt under 


  • Get a Buncha soles or deboned trout (non-large fish flesh)
  • Get a buncha lime leaves
  • A snarf of shrimp paste(it's a Thai deals
  • Maybe some lemongrass. (I grew some last year. I don’t think it’s perennial. It’s just sitting there being brown…still)
  • Fish sauce(the Thai stuff) – a snoof, no more, they are sugar crazy.
  • A red pepper or a hot pepper if you’re Wild
  • Salty mix
  • Cilantro.
  • Chives.
  • Optional spud or Sweet spud or coconut meat.
Stick it in the blender: WAZZ!

Extra virgin coconut oil for fryage

Make balls. Fry balls. Balls are made to fry. You can flour your balls if it bothers you that they stick to your fingers. Some people are sticky-ball averse and need to dust. I respect that.

Stick on dandies and serve with a drink of 


Three days before this meal you will:

Get a mason jar. Peel and chop three medium beets or two big beets, or a big beet and two little beets.

Add some salt. More than you think you should. 

Add some whey powder like they sell at muscle-man vitamin stores or pour the whey off the top of your unflavored yogurt, if you have some. 

Fill up jar with filtered water. Close. Sit the thing on the counter for two days. Hoik it in the fridge for a day. Drink the beet juice to the bottom. Throw out the beets. Solid Russian GOLD. 

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