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I can’t taste anything. I can’t smell anything. And I feel like I’m porting a feather pillow around my head. For the last two days I’ve been chugging oil of oregano in a shot glass with water and lemon. If you’ve ever done that you know that oil of oregano is not a gentle flavor. It’s the flavor equivalent of Thor’s hammer. Unsubtle. I didn’t taste a thing.  I went out to dinner the other night and ate basically a plateful of textures. The mashed potatoes were outright sinister. 

It’s very interesting when Body goes a bit offline. On the one hand, it’s a little gross, but even the snot Body has been pumping out by the litre is kind of fascinating to me.

It’s spring. Cherry Blossoms are going all bridal on the streets of Vancouver, and yesterday the first tulips in my garden opened. I feel weird, yeah. But I’m stoked. I’m one of those fools who just can’t get over the whole idea that little seeds, if you stick ‘em in the earth, they get some mystery signal, unfold and reach up and get their pretty on. It’s make-out time for rabbits and squirrels and tauruses. Everything’s got the urge to move it-move it.

I’m just off to get a bunch more dirt. I’ve decided to build an aromatics wall close to the house(sage, thyme, rosemary, peppermint, lemon balm etc.) in the hopes that perhaps Body will be inspired to inspire instead of expectorate.

I got the idea yesterday after lopping off a huge amount of lemon balm that grows wild by the house and making pesto. I think was awesome, but I can’t really be sure because I didn’t taste it. This is the recipe:

Half a long English cucumber

A huge mount of lemon balm leaves and stalks

One tbs of apple cider vinegar

2 Tbs wheat-free tamari (or you could use a salt mix)

Five huge gobs of tahini (I find tahini and cucumber a really nice mix, but I also make different pestos with pumpkin seeds, lightly toasted almonds and sunflowers. Pine nuts just cost too much)

Pour over yummy organic soba noodles.



As I say, I couldn’t taste it, but I could imagine the taste and the texture was really fun.

This time of year means all kinds of experimenting in greenery for me. For example, breakfast was:

Half a store-bought organic thingy of spinach with two peeled oranges and

Three pitted dates and, oh joy, oh delight, from the garden:

A bunch of parsley, A bunch of cilantro, Some mint leaves, a comfrey leaf, two dandelion leaves!  Stick all that in the vitamix blender. YUMMY!

Ah. It fills me with adolescent glee to have started with snot and ended with a recipe!

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